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Bibin Hîndekarê TRY

Di 20 saetê de perwerdeya mamosteyan TRY din dê li kesê li ser adar 11-12, 2022 li Duhok, Kurdistan lidarxistin.  Tecrûbeya yogayê ne hewce ye.


Relief Efforts in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

We are working closely with community-based organizations to enhance and expand upon mental health support and trauma recovery resources. We particularly focus on meeting the needs of poor, vulnerable, marginalized and isolated people. 

TRY Global works to improve the mental and physical well-being and resilience of low-income and marginalized communities by training Palestinians to teach Trauma Recovery Yoga and placing them in paid teaching positions. Our team is facilitating Psychological First Aid trainings for organization staff, aid workers and community leaders. And we're connecting Palestinians with volunteer psychologists online for one-on-on therapy  sessions.

How We Serve

TRY Teacher Trainings & Programs

After facilitating the 2-day TRY Teacher training, our staff mentors participants for a duration of 6-12 weeks to help prepare them to teach TRY classes in their communities. See more details on the program below.

Virtual Therapy Sessions

 In Through our hotline number, Palestinians can call and request a free virtual therapy session. They'll be connected with one of our volunteer psychologists within 48 hours.

Psychological First Aid 

This training equips humanitarians, crisis response workers and community members with the essential skills to provide immediate, compassionate, and practical support to those experiencing emotional distress or trauma.

Naveroka ku di Perwerdehiya TRY ya 20 Saet de hatî vegirtin:
  • Psîkolojiya trawmayê

  • Têkiliya Nerve û Hiş-Laş Vagus

  • Birêvebirina Triggers

  • TRY rêzika mat

  • Meditation û Mantra ji bo trawmayê

  • Teknîkên nefesê ji bo trawmayê

  • Rêzeya Serokê TRY

  • Tevgerên Hişmendî (TRY ji bo Ciwanan)

  • Di dersê de çi dibêjin û çi dikin dikin û nakin

  • Meriv çawa bi komên cihêreng ên mirovan re dixebite

  • Bi westandina dilovaniyê re mijûl dibin

  • Pêngavên paşîn ên li ser pêkanîna TRY di civata we de

Ev Kurs ji bo her kesê ku hêja ye:
  • Bi travmayê re derbas bûye

  • Kesê ku travmayê jiyaye xem dike 

  • Ji bo şêwirmendiya trawmayê bi profesyonelî dixebite

  • Dixwaze zanîna xwe li ser trawma, xwerêveberî, medîtasyon û erêkirin, hilm û tevgerê kûr bike.

  • Yogayê dike an hîn dike û dixwaze jêhatîbûnên xwe di yoga-hesas a trawmayê de berfireh bike.

TRY Teacher Programs in the West Bank:

2-Day Online Teacher Training

Our team will facilitate Trauma Recovery Yoga trainings, in partnership with local organizations. Participants will include humanitarian staff and community members.


Upon completing the training, participants will have opportunities to practice and receive feedback on a weekly basis, both in-person and online. In order to teach in the community, they must first submit a video of themselves teaching the class, receive feedback, and official approval.

Paid Teacher Placement

Teachers will having ongoing opportunities to teach Trauma Recovery Yoga to adults and children in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


We are open to volunteers with various skillsets. Let us know what skills you have, and we'll do our best to match you with a need in our organization.

This includes website development, advocacy and community outreach, fundraising, and volunteer coordinating. 

Please complete the form below if you're interested in and have the capacity to volunteer with our team.

Volunteer Psychologists

Our team is in the process of developing a Crisis Response Plan and a platform through which we can connect psychologists from around the world to people in dire need.

Please complete the form linked below if you're a licensed mental healthcare worker and are interested in volunteering to support Palestinians in crisis. 

Proudly Partnered with
JCPA logo.jpeg

Jordanian Clinical Psychologists Association

The Jordanian Clinical Psychologists Association (JCPA) is an association of more than 60 licensed psychologists, many of whom with experience coordinating psychology services in emergency situations. They are helping create and manage virtual therapy sessions for Palestinians.

taraf logo.jpeg

Taraf for Consultation

Taraf for Consultation is a Therapy Practice founded and operated by Licensed Psychologist Nour Aqrabawi in Amman, Jordan. They are supporting the creation and management of our virtual therapy sessions for Palestinians.

When You Donate...


You provide materials for 1 psychological first aid training


You support the training and mentorship of a local TRY instructor in Palestine.


You sponsor a Palestinian to practice TRY for two months


You fund a Trauma Recovery Yoga teacher training for an entire Palestinian community


You cover the cost of a Psychological First Aid training for humanitarian staff in crisis


You sponsor a comprehensive TRY program* for a community in need

Donate Now

Help us make a difference


Thank you for your donation!

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