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Join us for our 20-hour
Hybrid Trauma Recovery Yoga Workshop

Train with the Creators of the TRY Method, Joyce and Darwin Bosen!


TRY in the Bay Area and Beyond

The Details:

WhenTBD 2024
Friday | 6 - 9 pm
Saturday | 9 am - 5 pm
Sunday | 9 am - 5 pm 

The Bay Area, California


Partial Scholarships Available for $50 off.
Please apply at checkout.

Content Covered in the TRY Training:
  • The Vagus Nerve and Mind-Body Connection

  • Managing Triggers

  • TRY mat sequence

  • TRY chair sequence

  • Mindful Movements (TRY for Youth) sequence

  • Meditation and Mantra for trauma

  • Breathing techniques for trauma

  • Dos and don'ts on what to say and do in class

  • Next steps on implementing TRY in your community

  • and much more!

This Course is Valuable for Anyone Who:
  • Has experienced trauma

  • Cares for someone who has experienced trauma 

  • Works professionally to counsel trauma

  • Wants to deepen their own knowledge around trauma, self regulation, meditation and affirmation, breath and movement

  • Practices or teaches yoga and wants to expand their skills into trauma-sensitive yoga


Become part of the TRYb

What makes the TRY method unique is its grounding in neuroscience and understanding of how the brain processes trauma.

TRY stands for “Trauma Recovery Yoga” or “Total Resilience Yoga," and is for everyone, not just for people who have experienced trauma in their lives. The TRY method uses neuroplasticity to help build resilience, making people better able to regulate themselves when faced with difficult situations.

You'll acquire new tools that'll propel you on your healing journey, strengthening your mind-body connection, and helping you to facilitate others’ recovery from trauma. Our training includes practical techniques on and off the yoga mat. 

This training will also prepare you to work with populations in crisis, as we discuss and analyze the obstacles and benefits of practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques to vulnerable populations.

All trainees will walk away with new tools and the knowledge of the science behind these tools, and will have practiced guiding their peers through each class.

When You Enroll In Our TRY Workshop, You Will Receive These Benefits:
  • 20 hours of interactive information and practice leading the TRY method

  • a printable deck of I AM affirmation cards, essential oils, a workbook and Certificate of Completion

  • In-person feedback and mentoring throughout the training

  • Exclusive access to our members' site & updated resources

  • Ongoing support and mentorship for teaching TRY post-training

Upon completing the training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. You can choose from any/all of the following classes to pursue and work to teach post-training:
1. the full TRY class (on the mat)
2. ​the TRY chair class
3. the TRY children's class (Mindful Movements)

4. Self-Regulation for Resilience (SRR) practice

During the training, you'll be granted access to TRY Global's exclusive online members-only programs, which will help you prepare for the final audition with the TRY Global team, post-training.
After the training, you have the option to continue working through the members' site and gain additional certifications at no cost.

Upon completing your certification, you can then teach TRY in your community and with those you serve, if you wish.
Our goal is to train passionate individuals to be skilled, confident and empowered TRY instructors. 

Meet Your Facilitators


Joyce Bosen

After the tragic death of her 22-year-old son, Joyce’s journey to help other trauma survivors was ignited. As she found her way to healing, the TRY method was created.

Joyce and her husband Darwin founded Trauma Recovery Yoga in 2015 and began to train others in the method that helped her escape the relentless symptoms of her own PTSD.

Joyce also has a passion and talent for public speaking and demonstrating trauma-informed practices and care. Amongst other speaking engagements, Joyce was invited to speak for TEDx, her talk “Turning Loss Into Blessings."​


Darwin Bosen

“Through my relationship with Joyce and the agencies I served, I became acutely aware of the prevalence of trauma throughout the community and the profound positive impact movement, meditation and breathwork have for an individual suffering from trauma and its lingering effects.”


It has only been through this work and the stories from others that Darwin was able to recognize his own trauma and the coping skills he had developed related to those traumas. Through this personal realization and his work with the community, Darwin has been compelled to share his knowledge and understanding of trauma and the healing which can be achieved.

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