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Program in Progress

No Cost for Ukrainians and People Working in Ukraine

Our Crisis Response Team is conducting a series of online 2-day TRY Teacher Trainings - at no cost to Ukrainians (inside or outisde the country), and people working in Ukraine with vulnerable populations.

Each training is limited to 20 participants. Ukrainian translations will be available during the live training and all content will be in Ukrainian, so no English skills are required.

Our objective is to provide Ukrainians with accessible tools and practices to cope, recover and build resilience.

No yoga experienced required! 

We are currently in the Mentor phase of our first Ukrainian cohort. Stay tuned for the next online training.

The Program:

2-Day Online Teacher Training

We will conduct 2-3 trainings, the first one being in September 2023.


Upon completing the training, participants will have opportunities to practice and receive feedback on a weekly basis, both in-person and online. In order to teach in the community, they must first submit a video of themselves teaching the class, receive feedback, and official approval.

Teach Community Classes

TRY Global will help coordinate opportunities for participants to teach Trauma Recovery Yoga to adults and children throughout Ukraine.

20 घंटे के TRY प्रशिक्षण में शामिल सामग्री:
  • आघात का मनोविज्ञान

  • वेगस नर्व और माइंड-बॉडी कनेक्शन

  • ट्रिगर प्रबंधित करना

  • कोशिश चटाई अनुक्रम

  • आघात के लिए ध्यान और मंत्र

  • आघात के लिए श्वास तकनीक

  • ट्राई चेयर सीक्वेंस

  • माइंडफुल मूवमेंट्स (युवाओं के लिए प्रयास)

  • कक्षा में क्या कहें और क्या न करें, इस पर क्या करें और क्या न करें

  • लोगों के विविध समूहों के साथ कैसे काम करें

  • करुणा थकान से निपटना

  • अपने समुदाय में TRY को लागू करने के अगले चरण

The Program:
The Program:
यह कोर्स किसी के लिए भी मूल्यवान है जो:
  • आघात का अनुभव किया है

  • किसी ऐसे व्यक्ति की परवाह करता है जिसने आघात का अनुभव किया है 

  • परामर्श आघात के लिए पेशेवर रूप से काम करता है

  • आघात, स्व-नियमन, ध्यान और पुष्टि, श्वास और गति के बारे में अपने स्वयं के ज्ञान को गहरा करना चाहता है

  • योग का अभ्यास करता है या सिखाता है और अपने कौशल को आघात-संवेदनशील योग में विस्तारित करना चाहता है

What makes the TRY method unique is its grounding in neuroscience and understanding of how the brain processes trauma.

TRY stands for “Trauma Recovery Yoga” or “Total Resilience Yoga," and is for everyone, not just for people who have experienced trauma in their lives. The TRY method uses neuroplasticity to help build resilience, making people better able to regulate themselves when faced with difficult situations.

You'll acquire new tools that'll propel you on your healing journey, strengthening your mind-body connection, and helping you to facilitate others’ recovery from trauma. Our program includes practical techniques on and off the yoga mat. 

This program will also prepare you to work with populations in crisis, as we discuss and analyze the obstacles and benefits of practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques to vulnerable populations.

All participants will walk away with new tools and the knowledge of the science behind these tools, and will have practiced guiding their peers through each class.

When You Enroll In Our TRY Teacher Training, You Will Enjoy These Benefits:
  • 16 hours of interactive, in-person information and practice leading the TRY method

  • A workbook and Certificate of Completion

  • Ongoing support and mentorship for teaching TRY, as well as video resources

  • Exclusive access to our members' site & updated resources

  • Opportunity to teach in your community

The Process
Upon completing the training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. You'll then be granted access to TRY Global's exclusive online members-only programs, which will help you prepare for the final audition with the TRY Global team, recording yourself teaching your chosen class(es). Once you have auditioned for the class and officially approved, you will be given a final teaching certificate. Then, you can teach TRY in your community.
Our goal is to train passionate individuals to be skilled, confident and empowered TRY instructors. 
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Interested in supporting the cause?

We're bringing mind-body tools for recovery and resilience to the Ukrainian people...

And we can't do it without YOU.

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