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Crisis Response Team

TRY Global's Crisis Response Team (CRT) deploys to areas affected by natural and man-made disasters, partnering with local organizations to provide self-regulation tools and resources for recovery and resilience to at-risk individuals and humanitarians on the frontlines.

We offer both short and long-term support, including on-site classes for adults and children, and customized trainings to certify locals as TRY instructors. We work alongside locals on the ground, teaching, mentoring and enabling the continuity of classes long after the CRT has left. Our goal is create culturally informed systems of empowerment, sustainability and accessibility amidst crisis by helping individuals foster a sense of safety and strength within their own bodies, and within a community.

Our mobile trainers undergo the TRY teacher certification, as well as a Crisis Response Training prior to mission clearance. If you're interested in joining our CRT or bringing our team to your area, send us an email to discuss.

When our phone rings, we answer it.



Bringing vital psychological support and mind-body tools to Palestinians



Bringing vital psychological support and mind-body tools to Ukrainians

fostering strength and safety amidst crisis

On-site TRY Classes

The CRT provides regular TRY classes for staff of local organizations as well as at-risk beneficiaries. The program is inclusive of all people in need in the area, determined with insight from our local partners.


 Classes include a children's class, a chair class, and an on-the-mat class for adults, as well as shorter "nervous system resets" for those just passing through. 


Classes are chosen depending on the needs of the local population and are translated in real-time in the local language. They can be taught in any semi-quiet space and are very low maintenance, making them highly accessible and effective.

Psychological First Aid Trainings

In crisis-affected areas, we offer on-site Psychological First Aid Trainings to organizations and individuals who are at the forefront of addressing trauma and psychological distress in these challenging circumstances.

Our trainings are tailored to equip responders and aid workers with the essential knowledge and skills needed to provide immediate, trauma-informed support to those affected by the crisis. This service is of paramount importance in emergency contexts because it helps build resilience, reduce psychological distress, and enhance the capacity to cope with trauma.


By providing Psychological First Aid in the field, we aim to facilitate emotional recovery and create a supportive environment for individuals and communities in crisis to begin their healing journey. Our commitment to this service is a testament to the understanding that psychological well-being is a cornerstone of recovery that can be integrated before, during and after crisis.

Customized Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) Teacher Trainings for Locals

In order to ensure the work of the CRT is impactful and sustainable for the local population, our team facilitates 2-6 week programs for local staff and/or beneficiaries of partner organizations.


The objective is to train participants over a realistic period of time to understand the science behind mind-body methods and confidently teach Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) practices.


The CRT teaches regular TRY classes for staff and beneficiaries on-site throughout the program, intended as a resource for the "healer" or "helper" as well as learning tools to certify staff to become TRY instructors and continue the program once the CRT has departed. As well, graduates of the training have access to our exclusive members' online site which includes step-by-step tutorials in their local language.

Let's Collaborate

This work is made possible through collaboration with our global partners. If you're an organization or group in an area of crisis, we are here for you. Connect with us to begin strategizing how we can bring these powerful tools for recovery and resilience to the people in your area!

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