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Help Empower Syrians in our Upcoming Program 

This program is provided to participants at no cost.


Syria has been severely impacted by violence and conflict over the last decade - Northeast Syria (NES) AKA Rojava being no exception - and the recent earthquake in February 2023 only exacerbated the already unstable situation for residents.


Partnering with Kulturvan Organization in the town of Amuda, we'll be serving members of the community and local humanitarian workers in the area.

Our partner, Kulturvan, is a non-profit organization and cultural center, developing and promoting yoga and art, and encouraging exchanges with similar organizations to increase opportunities and creativity for children, young people and adults in order to support the civil society.

With Your Support, We Will:
  • Train 10 Syrians to teach Trauma Recovery Yoga

  • Mentor participants for 2-3 months

  • Place them in paid yoga teaching positions in NES

  • Establish Kulturvan as TRY's home base in Syria

  • Train & employ a local to be part-time Field Coordinator, ensuring quality control of classes, reporting back to program manager, and supporting teachers in the community

Why Support Syrians with TRY?

Studies show that the TRY method...

  • reduces anxiety and depression-related symptoms

  • enhances resilience levels

  • improves heart-rate variability

  • brings balance back into the nervous system, improving both mental & physical health and well-being

The Program:

2-Day Online Teacher Training

We will conduct 2-3 trainings, the first one being in September 2023.


Upon completing the training, participants will have opportunities to practice and receive feedback on a weekly basis, both in-person and online. In order to teach in the community, they must first submit a video of themselves teaching the class, receive feedback, and official approval.

Paid Teacher Placement

Teachers will having ongoing opportunities to teach Trauma Recovery Yoga to adults and children in the Kulturvan Center in Amouda, Syria.

When You Donate...


You provide 2 yoga mats for Syrian participants


You provide the weekly salary for our part-time Field Coordinator


You pay the monthly salary for a part-time TRY teacher


You provide the monthly salary for our part-time Field Coordinator


You help provide 4 full yoga classes in Syria


You sponsor our entire team of TRY instructors in NES for 1 month

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Empowering Locals with Mind-Body Tools for Trauma Recovery & Mental Health

in partnership with
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Donate Now

Help us make a difference


Thank you for your donation!

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