Our Classes

TRY classes are the lifeblood of this movement, as they are where we connect directly with those in need and provide them with the tools to self-regulate and strengthen their mind-body connection. Linking breath and movement, participants recalibrate their autonomous nervous system and experience the immediate and long-lasting effects on their well-being. Classes are offered both in person and virtually.

No yoga experience is required for any of the classes.


45-60 Minute 
On the Mat Class

Mindfully linking breath and movement this method offers somatic and stress release. We start with a short self-regulating and centering sequence based in science and psychology, moving with choice from seated to standing, creating internal heat to burn off excess energy, inspiring hope and happiness through visualization and affirmation, returning to seated, and finishing with a body scan meditation.

Appropriate for Ages 14+

30-45 Minute
TRY Chair Sequence

For all levels of mobility, anyone can participate, “see it, be it or watch” queuing allows for people from full mobility to people with no movement in neuro- or other types of recovery to join in movement or via mirror neuron engagement by watching or visualizing for themselves. Some benefits include vagal toning, stress relief, self-regulation, calming of the central nervous system, better sleep, and elevated mood release of excess energy.

Appropriate for Ages 14+


20-30 Minute 
Mindful Movement
Class for Kids

Created for kids but fun for all ages, this quicker paced mat sequence offers an opportunity for emotional connection and bonding with peers and caregivers. It is also the loudest yoga you will ever “try”! Participants are assigned affirmations and encouraged to call them out verbally through the practice. We jump right in and keep the energy and the smiles going the entire 20-30 minutes, closing with a humming technique based in science and psychology that also fosters vagal toning. This method is all levels, we just keep teaching, demo’ing and encouraging to do what you choose while rocking your “I AM”.

Appropriate for Ages 6-14


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