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Become A TRY Instructor

Our next TRY Teacher Training will be in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Friday & Saturday (January 27-28)

This training is sold out. If interested, please stay tuned for info on upcoming trainings.

Our Full TRY Workshop is open to all caregivers, be it at home, professionally, or for oneself. This training will prepare you to work with populations in crisis who have experienced trauma. We will identify the obstacles and rewards of teaching yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques to vulnerable populations. You will acquire new tools that will help you and allow you to facilitate others’ recovery from trauma of the past. Our workshop includes techniques for both on and off the yoga mat. All trainees will walk away with new tools and the knowledge of the science behind these tools as well as the ability to offer a full TRY seated sequence and the basic understanding of the TRY mat sequence. 

Cost is $250/ person. Scholarships are available.

Scholarships for Humanitarians


Become part of the TRYb

Content Covered in the 20 Hour TRY Training:
This Course is Valuable for Anyone Who:
  • Psychology of trauma

  • The Vagus Nerve and Mind-Body Connection

  • Managing Triggers

  • TRY mat sequence

  • Meditation and Mantra for trauma

  • Breathing techniques for trauma

  • TRY Chair sequence

  • Mindful Movements (TRY for Youth)

  • Dos and don'ts on what to say and do in class

  • How to work with diverse groups of people

  • Coping with compassion fatigue

  • Next steps on implementing TRY in your community

  • Has experienced trauma

  • Cares for someone who has experienced trauma 

  • Works professionally to counsel trauma

  • Wants to deepen their own knowledge around trauma, self regulation, meditation and affirmation, breath and movement

  • Practices or teaches yoga and wants to expand their skills into trauma-sensitive yoga

When You Enroll In Our TRY Teacher Training, You Will Enjoy These Benefits:
  • 16 hours of interactive, in-person information, practicum, and practice leading the TRY method

  • A bottle of TRY brand essential oil, a workbook and Certificate of Completion

  • Ongoing support and mentorship for teaching TRY, as well as video resources

  • Exclusive access to our members' site

  • Opportunity to teach in your community

Upon completing the training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. You'll then be granted access to TRY Global's exclusive members-only programs, which will help you prepare for the final audition with the TRY Global team, recording yourself teaching your chosen class(es). Once you have auditioned for the class and officially approved, you will be given a final teaching certificate. Then, you can teach TRY in your community.
Our goal is to train passionate individuals to be skilled, confident and empowered TRY instructors. 

Meet the Trainers


Brenda Hershey

Brenda is the President & Founder of TRY Global, an author and trauma-informed humanitarian. With several years of experience working with displaced populations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, she is on a mission to fill the gaps in traditional humanitarian efforts by sharing these simple yet profound mind-body tools that for her and many others, have been life-changing.


Joyce & Darwin Bosen

Joyce and Darwin Bosen are the Co-Founders of the TRY Method. They now operate JoyWins, offering workshops covering self-regulation for resilience (SRR); trauma informed practices for mind body workers; meditation, visualization, and affirmation techniques; compassion fatigue; breath work and more! Learn more on their website HERE.


Avan Khalid

As TRY Global's Regional Director, Avan brings her experience in humanitarian work in Kurdistan and education in biology, along with her passion for helping people recover from trauma, to the training. She was also the program interpreter for the groundbreaking TRY intervention with Yazidi women and local humanitarians in the KRI, speaking fluent English, Arabic and Kurdish.

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