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Kids Yoga Class in Refugee Camp

Empowering people to cultivate a sense of safety in their bodies to live their fullest possible life.

About Us

We are a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing accessible, science-based mental health and trauma recovery practices through Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY), breath work, and meditation to build resilience and empower individuals and communities globally.

We offer various mind-body methods like breath, meditation and movement, all rooted in science and psychology. Based in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the TRY Global Team serves the following audiences through workshops, trainings, classes and a Crisis Response Team.

A) People who are seeking tools and knowledge to cope with stress and trauma symptoms and build resilience

B) People who want to support others through mind-body methods

C) People who want to become TRY instructors

Meeting People Where They Are

2023 Impact

Updated December 2023





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How We Serve


Our trainings offer a variety of valuable experiential opportunities to better understand the science of trauma and how to heal through somatic-based therapies. Offered both virtually and in-person, our trainings are open to all caregivers, humanitarians, first responders, counselors or for one's own healing. The trainings will uniquely prepare you to work with populations in crisis who have experienced trauma.

Community Classes

We offer a variety of classes for children and adults, both on the mat and in a chair, and geared toward both beneficiaries and humanitarian aid workers. Whether virtually or online, participants experience a recalibration of the nervous system and leave with a sense of overall well-being.

Crisis Response Team

Our mobile Crisis Response Team (CRT) deploys to areas impacted by disaster, partnering with local organizations to provide mind-body techniques for recovery and resilience. We serve at-risk individuals and frontline humanitarian workers, offering on-site classes and facilitating trainings to certify locals as TRY instructors. Our CRT helps build sustainable systems to continue sharing TRY long after our team has left.

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What People Are Saying

L. Olvera
Catholic Charities, Chicago

TRY Classes

Today was a hard day for all of them (domestic violence shelter residents), but it was so good to hear the moms talking about calming down and breathing during an emergency. I just want you to know that you are teaching them an invaluable skill and today was the perfect example.

Snehalaya, India

Mindful Movements Training

I on behalf of all participants want to thank you from bottom of my heart. It was such a wonderful experience to learn various techniques and I am sure we will definitely use and practice these techniques in the future for us and for our beneficiaries too. Once again, we are really thankful to you.

Social Worker
Washington DC Public Schools

SRR Training

Great training, I love the energy of the presenters. I appreciate the content and I appreciate the presenters' ability to adjust the content from Feedback. For example, when we mentioned we work with children they gave us great examples of how to adapt it for them.

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