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The First Ever

Duhok Wellness Festival

by TRY Global,    Youth Speak & M-Therapy

راتلونکی 20 ساعته د ښوونکو روزنه به په شخصی ډول ترسره شي  د جون 24-25  2022 د کردستان په دوهوک کې.  د یوګا تجربې ته اړتیا نشته.


د TRYb برخه شئ

زموږ بشپړ TRY ورکشاپ د ټولو پاملرنې کونکو لپاره خلاص دی ، که دا په کور کې وي ، مسلکي وي یا د ځان لپاره. دا روزنه به تاسو چمتو کړي چې په بحران کې د خلکو سره کار وکړي چې صدمه یې تجربه کړې. موږ به زیان منونکو خلکو ته د یوګا ، مراقبت ، او تنفس تخنیکونو ښوونې خنډونه او انعامونه وپیژنو. تاسو به نوي وسایل ترلاسه کړئ چې تاسو سره به مرسته وکړي او تاسو ته اجازه درکړي چې د تیرو صدمو څخه د نورو بیا رغونه اسانه کړي. زموږ په ورکشاپ کې د یوګا چټ څخه د باندې او بهر دواړو لپاره تخنیکونه شامل دي. ټول زده کوونکي به د نویو وسیلو او د دې وسیلو تر شا د ساینس پوهه او همدارنګه د بشپړ TRY ناست ترتیب او د TRY میټ ترتیب لومړني پوهه وړاندې کولو وړتیا سره لاړ شي. 

د 20 ساعته TRY ټریننګ کې پوښل شوي مواد:
دا کورس د هر چا لپاره ارزښتناک دی څوک چې:
  • د صدماتو ارواپوهنه

  • د واګوس اعصاب او دماغ - بدن اړیکه

  • د محرکاتو اداره کول

  • د میټ ترتیب هڅه وکړئ

  • د صدمې لپاره مراقبت او منتر

  • د صدماتو لپاره د تنفس تخنیکونه

  • د څوکۍ ترتیب هڅه وکړئ

  • ذهني خوځښت (د ځوانانو لپاره هڅه)

  • په ټولګي کې د څه ویلو او کولو په اړه څه کول او نه کول

  • د خلکو د مختلفو ډلو سره څنګه کار کول

  • د رحم ستړیا سره مقابله

  • ستاسو په ټولنه کې د TRY پلي کولو په اړه راتلونکي ګامونه

  • صدمه تجربه کړې

  • د هغه چا پاملرنه کوي چې صدمه یې تجربه کړې وي 

  • د صدماتو مشوره ورکولو لپاره مسلکي کار کوي

  • غواړي د صدمې، ځان تنظیم، مراقبت او تایید، ساه او حرکت په اړه خپله پوهه ژوره کړي

  • یوګا تمرین کوي یا درس ورکوي او غواړي خپل مهارتونه د صدماتو حساس یوګا ته پراخه کړي

This event is donation-based, recommended 5,000 - 10,000 IQD


The Schedule

wellness fest schedule.png

Class & Workshop Descriptions

Trauma Recovery Yoga

Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) is an all-levels class, great for beginners and experienced yogis alike. The TRY Method intentionally weaves together different mind-body tools like meditation, affirmations, breath work visualization and movement, to stimulate the vagus nerve, work with neuroplasticity and bring balance back into the brain and body.

Kids Yoga Class

Created for kids but fun for all ages, this quicker paced mat sequence offers an opportunity for emotional connection and regulation. It is also the loudest yoga you will ever “try”! Participants are assigned affirmations and encouraged to call them out verbally through the practice. Closing with a humming technique, this class is based in science and psychology that also fosters vagal toning.

Ages 6-12 

Chair Yoga Class

For all levels of mobility, anyone can participate, and because of the accessibility of these postures, they can be practiced at the office, in the car, at home, etc. This class emphasizes more movement in the upper body, which helps relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. Some other benefits include vagal toning, stress relief, self-regulation, calming of the nervous system, better sleep, and elevated mood. 

Self-Regulation for Resilience

This active meditation is the foundation of all TRY practices, and is for people of all levels of experience. Sitting down and laying, participants will be guided through a simple meditation that helps regulate the mind and body. It's a quick and effective way to feel calm, centered and grounded in your body.

Demystifying Mental Health & Therapy

3 Workshops will include:

  • Three Main Bases for Better Mental Health

  • Myths About Psychology vs. Reality

  • Overview of Psychotherapy Sessions

Community Initiatives by Youth Speak Volunteers


Stress Management

In this workshop, participants will learn about the basics of how stress and trauma may impact their brains and bodies. They'll then learn some practical tools to calm themselves, including trauma-informed breathing techniques and meditations. But that's not all! They'll also get access to these practices so they can practice on their own, after the festival.

Body Scan Meditation

In this brief meditation, participants will be guided on a journey throughout their body, strengthening their mind-body connection and feeling fully relaxed. Participants will have access to this meditation to practice after the festival as well!

 Say YES to your healing and join us!

Meet Your Yoga Teachers













Meet the Organizing Partners

TRY Global is a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing accessible, science-based mental health and trauma recovery practices through yoga, breath work, and meditation to build resilience and empower individuals and communities globally. Based in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, their team focuses on capacity building through TRY teacher trainings, mentorship, workshops and TRY classes.

try global logo 2.jpeg

Youth Speak believes that young people know best what their communities need and understands that their voices are often marginalized, particularly in times of conflict. Youth Speak brings together youth activists from conflict-affected areas and international partners to support and mentor the ideas of young people into a sustainable reality.  

youthspeak logo1.jpeg

M.therapy is a startup that aims to promote mental health awareness and provide mental health services to the community. M.therapy offers various programs and activities to reduce the stigma attached to mental health issues, increase awareness, and bridge the gap in mental health services in the community.

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